GOA Vodka Ton en Denis

How GOA Vodka started

Dear Goans,

GOA Vodka welcomes you to our universe. We have officially gone live!

We would like to begin with a small serenade: Goans from the first hour. Who have encouraged us and helped us achieve our goals.

Let us share some of our past experiences….

The revelation

It’s 2014. Denis is in Goa, India, where he is having an epiphany after an amazing night of fun and adventure. Why is it that one minute you know it is going to be a fun time and the next minute you do not want to leave the house? What causes these feelings? Why is it that the most fun and magical adventures happen in a spontaneous? What is the catalyst for this? We had no answers to the puzzles and riddles.

So we asked ourselves two questions:

“When do you have pleasurable moments?” and “When does adventure meet you?”

The factors of pleasure and adventure

We did not have to think hard to get answers to these questions. It was clear to us that fun and adventure require three qualities: good company, an open mind and a catalyst. The motivating factors behind adventure and pleasure!

Being in good company may go without saying… You are with people who share your interests and with whom you feel comfortable.

Second, your mindset is the driving factor behind all your great initiatives. In reality, those unique and exciting feelings are a good predictor of the outcome of the evening and the road ahead. Your willingness to try new things essential. In short, “Experiencing your mind.”

Finally, our catalyst came in the form of delicious refreshments, tasty drinks and cocktails.

Our mission was born!

We soon realized that we had created the right mix. A great, pleasurable and adventurous ritual.

Our mission was born… We want to give others the same feeling we experience again and again. We want to lay the foundation for unforgettable and magical moments. Because we believe in one thing above all else: the value of pleasure in life!

GOA Vodka was founded with this mission in mind. Our goal is to create fantastic experiences with lasting memories. Both for you and for us!

Will you join us on our adventure?

Experience your mind with GOA Vodka!